My Genealogy Services

In addition to helping people get started on their own, I also provide genealogy services to those who don't have the time or inclination to do genealogy research themselves. I would love to help you!

Genealogy Research

Show me what you've got, tell me what you need, and I'll find it!

If you want to actually know the stories of your ancestors or what their lives were like, you'll need much more research than just the standard census and vital records. 

Let me find a map showing your ancestor's farm, where they lived in their hometown, or what the weather was like. Let me find a picture of the chapel where they went to church. Let me find an obituary, a newspaper article, or military records, or a history written about them in a forgotten book somewhere. 

Genealogy Research Help

    Are you stuck somewhere in your own research? Need to break through a "brick wall?" I can help!
  • Tutoring in Ancestry and FamilySearch
  • Tutoring in genealogy research techniques
  • Need help solving a problem? Let's work on it together!
  • Using RootsMagic

Latter-Day Saint Genealogy

New Albany Stake CenterNew Albany Stake Center
  • Importing/exporting data to/from FamilySearch
  • Research help in FamilySearch and Ancestry
  • Reserving and printing temple ordinances
  • Managing the flow of temple work

New Albany Stake family history center info

Local Genealogy Services

  • Document retrieval and/or copies
  • Pictures of gravestones or landmarks - want a picture of a historical landmark in northern Kentucky or southern Indiana? I can do that for you!

Translation Services

  • Source document translation (census records, death certificates - anything, you name it!)
  • Text translation (family histories, journal entries, newspaper articles)
  • Source languages: Spanish, German and Russian
  • Stanard rate: $0.11 per source word
  • Availability: 8 hours per day
  • Software: SmartCat

Genealogy Data Management

  • data cleanup (via bash scripting, SQL, PHP)
  • database creation (MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • data entry and querying (advanced SQL techniques, stored procedures, automated scripts)
  • web programming (PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS in Linux or Windows)
  • software localization
  • Microsoft Excel, Word & Access; OpenOffice Data Extraction Project - January 2019

* My rate for most services is $20/hour. Initial phone consultation is free.

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